For new and experienced crafters who want to make embroidery (and break out of a rut) within a supportive community of creatives.

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The Why Not Stitching Embroidery Academy will help you:  

 Jumpstart your first (or next) embroidery project

+ Pick from dozens of our most popular botanical patterns including the elegant and minimalistic styles you won’t find anywhere else

+ Gain step-by-step video tutorials with every project so you know exactly what to do

+ Replace boring routines with daily inspiration and creative self-expression

+ Decrease holiday expenses with budget-friendly, one-of-a-kind gifts that your family and friends will cherish forever

+ Connect with other makers to share your love for embroidery, crafting, and creativity in community. 

+ Daily expert support from Why Not Stitching’s founder, Anastasia (your Embroidery Instructor!), inside the exclusive membership community

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